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Music of Pops Walker

Cuttin' in Line at the Karmic Buffet                                                                MilePost 5

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Bootleg Blues - a compilation project of only Blues songs from his previous recordings.
(only available at this website) - contact Pops at Bhodieandme@aol.com

Live 'n Drivin' On - Walker's first live CD. Purchase it at CDBaby
 or contact Pops at Bhodieandme@aol.com

Notes from Crum (purchase it at CDBaby)

Sometime in late 2005, Ross Ballard approached me with the idea of using my music for the background of his audio book, “Crum”, the novel by Lee Maynard. This kind of project was a first for me and I was intrigued. It sounded like it would be fun. I had no earthly idea. Ross gave me a copy of the book and I was stunned. It was simply brilliant. Yes, it’s crude, sexist, bawdy, and crass. But it’s arguably the best coming-of-age novel ever written about growing up as a lower class country boy. It’s especially piquant if one is from the South, or anywhere else in the backwoods of America. “Crum”, though a novel, is the truth, nothing but the unadulterated truth.

I wrote two tunes specifically for the project and had several previously unrecorded pieces that seemed to fit the timbre of the book, that being a mixture of melancholy, glee, hope, introspection, and potential catharsis. We recorded them all on a cool November day in 2006, and I could sense that Ross, Donnie, and I, shared the same feeling – that we were onto something special. But that special nature had little to do with me. The three of us were merely latecomers, lucky enough to hitch a ride on a phenomenal literary train, a work of dazzling (if off-colored) truth. I’m honored to be a part of it, even if only vicariously. Thanks Ross; thanks Donnie; and most of all, thank you Mr. Maynard for chronicling my (and many others’) adolescence.