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Reviews of Pops Walker


Immensely powerful music .... Walker's guitar work is beautiful.
Les Coles, Daily Yomiuri, Tokyo)

A fantastic storyteller .... an expert with the bottleneck slide ... the total package ... the real deal. A rough-edged voice when necessary, but smooth as silk when his mood is sweet and slow. Pops has full command of his guitar, his vocals and his stories.

Greg Versen - Professah Blues - "Blues Valley Radio" - a Sat. night NPR radio program)

A vision of the heart and soul of a man who has lived and loved the blues .... It's not ear candy. It's the meat on your bones ... a must have in my book.
Carey Colvin, award winning songwriter and singer, Washington DC)

If you are really lucky, you will get to hear him play (live)... a bundle of grins, grimaces, growls and constant movement ... he carries listeners along willing or not.
Peggy Boston, editor, Bryce Mountain Courier, VA)

Sonofab'n, Bad, Bad, Acoustic Blues.
Marco Delmar, award winning producer and recording engineer, Fairfax, VA)

Mix a few parts guitar whiz with several parts vocal prowess, and you've got a tasty musical gumbo that will leave growling acoustic blues and honeyed sliding soul sticking to your ears like barbecue sauce to ribs. Whether he's cracking up through a snide story about an old redneck friend, getting cranky about the pangs of aging, or bidding goodbye to a friend lost to war, Pops never leaves you wondering where the show stops and the truth begins - he puts one hundred and ten percent of his soul into every note he plays. Whatever you choose to call it - acoustic soul, six-string sliiiide voodoo, or southern-fried zen mojo blues - it's the real article, straight and authentic. For best results, apply liberally to your life.
(John Friedlander, Church House Concert Series Host, and fine performing songwriter)

From the first moment I heard his CD, "Cuttin' in Line at the Karmic Buffet"
I was completely blown away by the talent I had discovered - touching, soulful, beautiful
vocals with even better guitar work
David Rogers, owner, Acoustic Roots Records, UK)


What Walker does with guitar should be illegal in several states. What he does with his voice already is.
R.D. California)

There are blues performers and there are blues performers. Pops defines what it's all about.
If you can't buy his CD, at least try to steal it.
L.F. New York)

Listening to you makes me remember something I forgot.
unsigned entry from a guest book while performing in Tokyo)