LINKS & Favorite musicians
Some of our soulful friends and award winning acoustic musicians 

Beaucoup Blue finalist in 2011 Americana Songwriting Contest,  2006 Telluride Blues Festival Winners

GreenSky Bluegrass Band 2006 Telluride Bluegrass Festival Winners

Travis Steele Nevels North & South Carolina Finger-pickin' Champion

The Woodshedders

John Lilly

CDBaby - A great place to find independent artists selling their music
CD Baby

Jake Robinson - Beautiful guitars and a great host for the Hoxeyville Festival

Just Plain Folks - A group of folks "just" wanting to promote indies
Just Plain Folks

Recording Arts - This studio is an acoustic artist's dream with Marco Delmar at the helm

Elixir Strings - I am proud to represent and endorse these great strings
Elixir Strings

Audio 911 - Steve Wytas, sound engineer extraordinaire. Steve taped & mixed Live' n' Drivin' On.

West Virginia Blues Society - Bringing the blues to West Virginia